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Double-Cell Smart Solution, Stable Circuit Architecture.
Multiple instruction chip controls battery charge and discharge stability.
The protection chip detects the voltage, current, and temperature conditions of each component.
This Li-ion battery on sales will be perfect replacement for your original battery.Saving your money and time to select suitable brand new battery here,quality of this battery is certified as well by FCC,RoHS and the CE.
We have over fifteen years experience in the laptop battery and wearables. Strict manufacturing management and quality control efficient sales, and patient, professional and courteous after sales service, our highly effective team will certainly satisfy your requirement for top quality products at a competitive price.

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Model Number:T54FJ
Use:note book battery
Type:Standard Battery, Battery Pack, lithium, Rechargeable
Products Status:Stock
Compatible Brand:For Dell


Replace Battery Part Number:(Ctrl + F for fast search your laptop part numbers)
04NW9 2P2MJ
312-1163 312-1164 312-1242
312-1323 312-1324 312-1325
4YRJH 8858X 911MD
T54F3 T54FJ UJ499 YKF0M X57F1

Compatible with: (use "ctrl+F" to find out your model quickly)
for Dell Latitude E6520 E6530 E6540 E6420 E6430 E6440 E5520 E5530 E5420 E5430 / Precision M2800 / Dell inspiron 14R 15R 17R 17R-SE Series 15R-4520 15R-5520 15R-5525 15R-7520 15R-SE-4520 15R-SE-5520 15R-SE-7520 15R-SE 15R Turbo 17R-4720 17R-5720 17R-7720 17R-SE-4720 17R-SE-5720 17R-SE-7720 17R Turbo 14R-4420 14R-5420 14R-5425 14R-7420


1.Perfect Fit: battery is the same size with original battery.
2.With the small self-discharge, the self-discharge rate is very low.
3.Long lasting, the number of lithium battery charge/discharge cycles is far more than 500 times; We‘ve incorporated Grade A NMC battery cells to ensure longer battery life and durability.
4.High and low temperature adaptability, packed with safety features.Double protection functions.Double IC and PCB electric board protect charge discharge and short circuit.
5.Green and environmentally friendly. Neither contain nor produce any toxic and harmful metal elements and substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.They will make no pollution to the environment.


1. The battery must be used up and then fully charged before first use.
2. 2. Store the battery in a cool, dry place. 3.
3. Do not separate, crush or hit. 4.
4. Do not put the battery into water or fire. 5.
5. Keep away from children. 6.
6. 6. Before purchasing, please make sure that your laptop model or part number matches our description; also you can compare your original battery with ours and if the appearance is the same (especially the position of the connector), there is no problem replacing it in your laptop as long as your model or part number matches our description. If you are unsure, please contact us to help you.


Q: How long is the life of a battery?
A: Under normal conditions of use, the life span of a lithium battery is approximately 500-1000 cycles, so it is usually used near the end of a charge (5-7%) if possible, with an average life span of 5-8 years.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
A: All batteries are made with A-grade cells, which are of high quality and high power, just like the original. There are strict quality control management from raw material incoming to final packaging, such as cell testing, PCBA testing, semi-finished product testing, aging testing, finished product testing before shipment, etc. We are confident to provide one year quality assurance for all products.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Standard terms. T/T and Western Union in advance; Paypal. Please note: We are not responsible for any duties or import taxes. Our prices do not include taxes, VAT or other hidden charges.

Q: What warranty do you offer?
A: We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our products.

Q: How do you usually ship orders?
A: For larger orders, we ship by sea; for smaller orders, we ship by air or courier. We offer a choice of couriers, including DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc. We will choose the most economical and safest shipping method, and your own freight forwarder is very welcome.

Q: How can I maximize the discharge time and extend the battery life?
A: 1) Please discharge the batteries to 2% and then fully charge them to 100% in the first cycle after purchase.
2) Do not discharge the battery pack to 0% as this will damage the pack and shorten its life.
3) They must be charged to 70% for long term storage.
4) Do not remove the battery from the laptop while charging or discharging.
5) The battery should be removed from the laptop when not in use or charged for a long period of time.
6) Mismatched adapters or adapters that have been used for a long time may cause the battery to fail to charge because of the inefficient output of the adapters. Please check your adaptor first to understand the battery charging problem.

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